Are you up for a real challenge?

Five young editors are on the way to become the heroes of the day. You are very welcome to follow them.

continuity and habit are nice things. They help you get going and
they help the days and the weeks pass effortlessly and safely. But
seriously, who needs that sort of thing? Definitely not you. You are
the kind of guy who prefers a small or a bigger challenge that will
make your days and weeks (and life) more spicy, interesting and worth
living. So are we. And we have proof. We have already taken up our
challenges and plan to face them with passion and devotion.

hope our stories will inspire you to make a new beginning. If they
do, today you have a chance to face your own personal challenge and
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goal. Good luck, and may the points be in your favour.

Milonas is learning how to swim

started visiting my local swimming pool a few months ago. Not in
order to shape my body – just to learn the basics of swimming. My
first swimming sessions were very entertaining: pure comedy for the
other swimmers, awful tragedy for me. Today, six months after my
first dive, I can assure you that I know how to swim. In a pool, at
least. In a big tank filled with water and equipped with handles,
which help me catch my breath every time I feel exhausted. Summer is
near and in the open sea there are no handles, but I cannot wait to
have my first proper dive in the blue waters of my country’s blessed
coastal line.

Kokkinis is on a diet, sort of

try to look surprised every time my wife wonders why I can’t lose a
single grammar since I’m on a diet. It’s not easy. What’s even
harder, is trying to find a excuses every time she asks me to get on
the scale. What’s almost impossible, is cleaning up the car after
having an illegal snack (or meal) there. Being
on a diet is hard labour. Pretenting to be on a diet is a feat of
heroic proportions. Don’t try this at home.

Kaissaris wakes up early and goes to the gym

a double challenge: the tough decision to get up earlier in the
morning, combined with my will to work out on a proper basis. Waking
up early is the hardest part, since I work up to midnight, six days a
week. But I’m getting used to it. I even like it some times. The gym
was supposed to be my motivation – a good, healthy reason to get
off my bed early in the morning. It feels more like a punishment,
though. I don’t think I will get used to it soon and I’m pretty sure
that I will never get to like it. But I will do it and I will live to
tell the story. I survived my first day at the gym, after all. I
lasted only 10 minutes, I fainted, I had to stay still for 40′ on the
gym floor, but here I am (eye [of the tiger] blinking happily). I’ m
back on my feet and I will definitely keep you informed about my
progress. In STR8
Be The Hero You Are
, of course.

Abatzis tries to read more books

a person who loves reading a writing, I read rather few books. I read
like a maniac during vacation time, but it seems impossible to me to
finish a novel in an average full time working week. I think I know
what I do wrong: I always open my book laying in bed, when I’m almost
ready for my night’s sleep. I usually end up feeling sleepy after the
first five or six pages. But enough is enough. My aim is to read more
books this season and I have already saved some time for reading
during the day. As you probably know, time is a rare commodity. You
cannot buy it, you cannot discover it, you cannot invent it you can
just save it. Usually (and sadly), by sacrificing your favorite TV
series. The good news is that if everything goes as planned, I will
have a nice, updated books list to share with you. If you are a
bookworm yourself, check me / it out at my page at STR8
Be The Hero You Are

Anastasiadis prepares his first TEDx talk

few months ago my first novel got published. A few weeks ago, the
general manager of TEDx Athens asked me to talk about my first novel
in this year’s TEDx convention. Of course I said yes. Of course I
regret it. Back then, It seemed like a good idea. Right now, it seems
like a nightmare made of floodlights, exposure, staggering, lisping
and an audience of 2000 people. I wasn’t born to be a public speaker.
Then again, I wasn’t born to be a novelist. But my first novel is out
there. And soon, I’ll be out there as well, speaking about it. Excuse
me know, I have a speech to rehearse.