The stuff heroes are made of

Today’s heroes don’t necessarily wear uniforms and most probably haven’t got magic powers. But they still like to transform their free time into little, personal adventures.

I envy the lead figures in the movies because they get the chance to
become heroes instantaneously. Burning buildings, a puppy falling in
the river, a robbery at a supermarket, are all instances that can
give them the opportunity to show their courage. All is based on
coincidence and a sequence of events. On the contrary, in pedestrian
life, heroism does not coincide with fast decisions but usually with
the overall attitude to life. Ethical values like devotion, constant
improvement and focus on certain goals are the traits of men whom we
all admire sometimes without even realizing why. These men are our
heroes whom we will try to decode and to emulate them!

only live once, so live it with hero attitude

hero is the man who faces everyday life successfully and does not
allow real life to pass him by. He is the one who takes the extra
step to improve himself and spends his free time on doing all the
things that excite him. He constantly works on discovering his skills
and capabilities and in contrast to the movie characters he always
aims at surpassing himself. At the end of the day, it doesn’t
really matter if his passion and his abilities have to do with his
body, or his athletic performance or some other special talent, nor
does it matter if his friends show any interest in what he is
involved in.

beyond your limits in what makes you happy

if you are good or perfect in something don’t just get involved in
it if does not make you happy and free. An everyday hero is honest,
first and foremost to himself and knows the difference between what
he is good at and what makes him feel good. So, at the end, he
chooses his passions on the principle of what really fulfills him and
inspires him. A hero is not a champion, by definition. He is the
person that goes beyond his limits, knows his goals and how to attain
them and transforms New Year’s resolutions into real action. But
his passion never becomes compulsive or an end in itself. He takes
pleasure from every step of the way and every minute he devotes to
his hobby and in the end looks at it as an adventure.

reality, the hero is the part of ourselves that we sometimes hesitate
to discover. Maybe
the time to live life your way has arrived?